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Becoming a freelancer copywriter is an excellent way to turn something you enjoy into something you can make money from.

Copywriting involves using words in a powerful or evocative way to promote a product, business or idea.

Freelance copywriting is a little bit like fishing with words, getting the reader to ‘bite’ at particular ideas or opinions.

Unlike editorial or magazine copy, copywriting for promotional purposes is considered a branch of marketing. The intention is convince the reader to buy a product or service.

Copywriting is everywhere, from the cereal packets we open in the morning and the junk mail we find on the mat, to the billboards we drive past on the way to work. As digital media has taken up more of our lives, job opportunities have opened up for people who like to spread information online. As well as social media and blogging, web content writing gives freelance copywriters a chance to earn their crust by writing from a remote location. It is very common for digital copywriting work to be outsourced, which has made a serious commercial opportunity out of web content writing. It’s also created a whole workforce dedicated to the pursuit of search engine optimisation, or SEO.

SEO Copywriting

There are countless marketing agencies involved in the mysterious world of SEO. With the power of the written word to provoke action and influence people in different ways, freelance copywriting plays a major role in search engine marketing. But web content writing has moved on since the heady days of stuffing keywords all over the place to attract search engines. The modern SEO copywriter needs to be just as eloquent and focused as their traditional media counterpart, but also have an eye for a keyword opportunity. Searchers often type phrases that are awkward or unnatural in everyday speech. This gives the SEO copywriter a headache when trying to optimise or focus a page to promote a specific product or service.

For example, someone might search using the phrase ‘car rental Manchester’, without using the word ‘in’. To optimise a page precisely for a phrase that usually has extra words in it, there are a few little tricks to creating effective SEO web content. Writing the words ‘car rental’ at the end of sentence and beginning the next sentence with the word ‘Manchester’ is one common trick used to insert difficult keywords into a body of text. However, freelance copywriting is more than just web content, and there are plenty of other opportunities to sell your skills as a wordsmith.

Freelance copywriting jobs

As well as web content writing, copywriters can be asked to produce press releases, articles, adverts and a basically anything else that uses words to promote something. Brochures and direct mail sales letters are still part of the marketing output of most firms, and someone needs to write the copy. However the Internet has made the opportunities open to freelancers more widespread than ever. There are now many specialist sources of freelance copywriting work, and websites dedicated to helping those who need words to connect with those who write them.